Why do you have to say that?

“We’re praying for you” somehow I’ve been hearing this phrase repeated over and over to me by friends, relatives and even acquaintances  every time they learn about what happened to my marriage.  Most of the time I accept it with a calm gentle smile – but in my mind, I’ve probably killed that person 3 times already!

I just wish people stop saying that.  At my present state of mind – it’s clearly not helping.  I’d rather want to be left alone – allow me to grieve, explore and re-define Eula.  And not be judged!

What I don’t understand is why people can be so insensitive and morbidly curious about my life.  They’d always hide behind the guise of “We’re so concerned, We’re here if you want to talk, It’s going to make you feel better to share…” and on and on and on ….

Why would they want to know every nitty gritty detail?  Isn’t it obvious? I WANT to keep my silence.  And what really irks me sometimes is when they have the GALL to act hurt when I’m not sharing. 

So leave me alone.  I’m doing OK actually.  I simply don’t want to re-live the pain again and again.  I’ve come to terms…I have my girls…I have my job…my parents who rallies behind me…my select circle of friends who’s willing to kick ass for me…in short, I have at the moment all the support I need in this season of my life. 

So, please… please…please…I implore you people, give me a break!


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One thought on “Why do you have to say that?

  1. slapppshot June 13, 2012 at 4:03 pm Reply

    Terrific post 🙂

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