Over the years I’ve worn my hair in bob-cut to past shoulder length – mostly it’s swinging between those two styles.  I’m as vain as the next person…but when it comes to my hair…I’m kind of predictable and extra careful.  Believe it or not, I actually used to keep a wig handy when I was still living with the Ex…you know, just in case 😉 !

So, going back – with my hair I am not very adventurous. I will, and ALWAYS go to a stylist I trust.  I may go to different salons for a regular wash.  But I will always go to “Chon” my Thai stylist for styling and cut.

For a week, I’ve been putting off my plans to go for my regular trim.  Thinking I might as well grow my hair longer and have some cute curls at the ends just like some cute Korean soap opera stars – LOL!

The problem is, I have this nagging small voice behind my head telling me “You won’t pull it off, girl!  Stop dreaming!”  And to re-affirm that…this morning, I woke up with a nasty head of flyaway-gummy looking-dull hair!  So, all hopes and dreams of being a hot Korean soap opera star look-alike flew out of the window…out and I shut it with a bang!  Hah!

On the train going to work, I was thinking how I can squeeze a time to scurry over at Chon’s for my hair.  Then a friend of mine rang me to ask for my evening plans.  I told him, I’m going for a hair-cut.  And harshly tell him off to go bother other people – other than me…cause this mommy is on a mission!

And you wouldn’t believe how excited he is, to introduce me to this new salon with a Japanese stylist.  Yes, I’m crossing cultures here!  Unbelievable, with just a teeny issue – my hair!

I said NO!  You see, I need to be firm on this.  I said to him to leave me alone, I’m happy with “my” Chon.  But the truth is, I’m scared it might turn out to be a hair-disaster.  And my wig is at the Ex’s!!!!

After a lengthy discussion…I gave in.  And was set to meet him after work and go straight to this salon.  It was probably the longest day of my life!

Nah…I’m exaggerating.  But you do get the idea right?

Anyway, at exactly 5.30 I stood outside my office waiting for him to pick me up and drive me to this salon that he weirdly feels so excited about!  Hmmm….just weird!

On arrival, we were greeted with an enthusiastic “Youkoso irasshai mashita”!  Seriously, I have to curb the urge to bolt for the door!

I was whisked to a chair…where two Japanese stylists (cute guys too!) lift strands of my hair, clacking their tongues, turning my head this way and that, peering at me in the mirror with disapproving eyes…

And there’s me…who is soooooo so –  ready to scream bloody murder!

After few more agonizing minutes….these gorgeous guys decided there’s HOPE.

While I was escorted to the shampoo area, I threw dagger looks at my friend and hissed him out of the salon, before I end up killing him.

If there’s one thing I want to do at that time is to suffer my humiliation alone!  I don’t need him to see me with wet hair plastered against my scalp…or with that hideous black gown, while stylist snip around my head!

And honestly, I don’t even understand why we are friends.  Because just before he left he whispered “Hey, just in case it’ll turn out bad – it will grow!”

Waaaaaa!  And he was the one who drag me into this!!!  What an evil, evil friend!


It wasn’t actually as bad as I’ve imagined….my hair was shampooed, given a dose of treatment from bottles with labels, I can’t read…and the scalp massage was heavenly!  Actually very, very relaxing….and nice 🙂

I must say, after all the hullabaloos….I’m quite happy with what those guys have done to my hair.

I guess the Ex can keep that wig after all!  Haha!

And me? I went out of the salon feeling like a hundred bucks…and just about that much poorer too!  But hey, if you’re a single parent sometimes you need to treat yourself – so, there!

“You look innocent!” the first thing my friend blurted when he saw me entered the café shop where he’s been waiting for me.

Hmmm…hardly the response I expect…or the fact that I don’t really ‘feel’ innocent – if at all!

But I’ll take it!  Whatever he means about innocent!   Thank you oh, so very much!

And yes, he’s forgiven! 😉

…and just for the heck of it – check my not so innocent haircut with side fringe! Hah!