In celebration of the father’s day… I thought it would be fitting to recognize the other half of me…my father. 

Our dear father  retired early and from then on he was “Mr. Mom” for us…long before anyone had a name for it.

He’s done so many things for us during our growing up years. While our mother, took on the role of providing financial support for the family; our father on the other hand made sure that everything is in order at home.  He’d always have the dinner ready for us when we arrive home from school.  And our humble abode is always spick n’ span.  He cooks, cleans and tinkers around the house without a murmur of protest of how “unmanly” it is to do housework.  Although, he is not very “showy” of how much he loved us.

But his love is always felt, seen and heard (loud and oh so clear-lol!).  My younger brother can attest that family dinners are considered as his “stage” for his (nightly) monologues.  It was during my high-school years when he was stricken with sickness. But despite of his frail health; not a single bit of his spunk diminished. 

He’s still our – strong and authoritative father. He continued on with his tough role as the caretaker of the family. Despite having to withstand his ailing body, he maintained that positive outlook in life and that willingness to accept whatever lot God has given him.

But as I got a little older, I have this “childish” desire to gain my independence, I wanted to move away, and I eagerly left for college. But it was his loving reminders that kept me from messing up. He has always been a pillar, a support, a help-mate for mother.  We surpassed family trials and tribulations because we have the most resilient set of parents.

He was my silent supporter when my marriage went down the drain.  I can still remember those tears streaming down his eyes…when I faced him and mother for the first time…to open up about what I have been through in that 7 years of marriage. 

And it breaks my heart each and everytime I remember that scene, I try to imagine the pain he might have to go through seeing his only girl hurt and broken. 

And the fact that he never asked questions…no blaming…nothing…just his silent acceptance of my fate….and his offer to take care of my girls, for as long as I promise him not to break my heart ever again….was something I will never ever forget for as long as I live. 

While, he may not qualify as a hero to some…yet this man has done me heroic things. He has done more for me in his lifetime than he ever has done for himself. And he should be commended and recognized for his terrific duties as a husband,a father, and a loving son.

This most unselfish man I have ever known….and that family is what he stands for.

Happy Father’s Day, Tatay!  

I love you so so much!  We… the girls and I, love you very much!

…and thank you….for being our HERO!