My mother announced over Skype that this week is picture taking week at my girls school. I know it feels wrong – but I did breathe a sigh of relief that my girls are actually under my parents care at this time.

Remembering the past years, when the girls are with me. I can only do my best to make them look neat…clean…and somehow it would appear that I have attempted to run a comb through their hair on picture-taking day

For a working mom like me, that would mean keeping the girls’ school schedules on track, schedules must be tacked somewhere very (very) visible, most importantly so, is the picture-taking schedule.

It would be unforgiveable if I ever forget to take some extra effort to check on their uniforms, socks and shoes….or the least try to brush their hair!

I seldom have any “luck” with their school pictures. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed with beautiful girls. But with school pictures…?

That’s totally a different story. I don’t understand why they find it difficult to smile at the photographer – instead it would always be awkward stiff grins…or grimaces as often in the case of my youngest Ashley.

The past school-term pictures turned out quite OK. My eldest, Kate managed to produce a somewhat natural, nervous smile. While Ashley, looked much as she always does in school pictures – constipated!

My own experience with school pictures while growing up was fairly traumatic. In the 80’s it’s quite common for girls my age to “tease-up” our hair until we can have that ridiculous pouf right in the middle of our foreheads!

Nevertheless, if it’s any consolation I wasn’t the only kid in my entire batch sporting that ‘do’. I’ve always wanted to look cute and pretty…but looking back now at my old school pictures….sigh….just makes me cringed!

I wonder how my own mother might have reacted in the past – since I always look T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E in school pictures. Does she actually have her special “not-for-visitors-album” to keep my not so flattering photos? (note to self: check w/ mother on next visit home)

At least, it’s good to know that there are things that DO ran in the family. Like, in my family, bad pictures! But bad pictures or not, I’d still keep it, even that would mean keeping it away from the family albums….and hopefully many years from now, my girls can go over their school pictures together and have a good laugh over a rush of school memories – and of course, cringed!

Kate and Ashley at Aunty Ying’s Vintage wedding in Hua-hin…definitely not school picture 😉