One blog a day, that’s a promise I made to myself.  But like all promises…it’s meant to be broken too!  Human as I am, I tend to get lazy sometimes. 🙂

It’s not helping also when you happen to have single friends around whose main concern at the end of the workday is where to eat, followed by a late night coffee someplace and chit-chat.

I am in no way complaining.  But seriously my landlord should at least give me a discount off my rent since I am hardly home!  I’ll creep in my place at late hours and creep out early morning….

Hmmmm….not really ideal practice for a mother of two!

Guilty?   A bit…but come to think of it, my girls are at my parents’ and I am living entirely alone…coming home early to an empty place is not very welcoming.

Depressing at most….but what else can I do?  Survive that is.

And if surviving means hanging out with a cool friend, food and vino…then, I’m all in! 

This week counting, I’m going to have at least a bit of  ‘rest’ with these crazy after work outings…. being  my partner in crime is out of the country…so I can look forward for some early nights.  Yey!  (nothing against you Bu!) 😉

On the other hand, I have yet to decide which is more therapeutic…blogging or dining? 

Ever since I can remember I have this on-going love affair with food.  I would swoon over news of new restaurants opening around the capital, my heart would skip double beat knowing I’d get a chance to try out new house specialties.  Something which baffles the Ex and we use to fight argue over, since he’s more of a home-cooked food type of guy.  And between my girls…it’s Ashley my youngest who got this trait and taste for adventure in food.

While blogging is so much cheaper I must admit…. it’s something I am all new to….at the same time I’ve always been a “dear-diary” person (LOL) and enjoys it….and most likely what has kept me sane all throughout my marriage. 

So there!  Not really a difficult decision to make….Obviously, since I love doing both….might as well keep at it.  🙂