polls_depress_0359_816415_poll_xlargeI never gave myself permission to feel and function at a less than optimal level after my separation.  But there are days that I feel sad, angry, exhausted, frustrated and confused…and these feelings can be intense.

I never feel as quite productive at work….at times, I sit at my desk and stare.  I guess, no one is a super hero…or in my case…I’m no superwoman.  I need time to heal…regroup myself.

A wise friend once said, grief is a natural reaction to loss and there will never be short-cuts to it. The breakup of my marriage  involved multiple losses on my part…loss of hopes, plans, dreams, companion, our family unit.

Maybe it’s about time for me to allow myself to feel the pain…yet, these losses are scary.  I fear that my emotions will be too intense to bear, that I will be stuck somewhere dark forever. 

Healing takes time, so they say…and grieving is probably essential to the healing process…I don’t know….I hope it is…but for the time being, I just need to be patient with myself.