A good friend of mine has been urging me to write a blog about “whys”. As you can guess, I replied to him “Why?” LOL!

Anyway before I get silly – he said, it would be therapeutic for me to ask and be really mad about “why this has to happen to me?”

For the longest time, I’ve been pondering on that. And haven’t had the urgency to actually sit down and gather my thoughts on it.

I guess, after my separation – I got myself busy with the girls, my work and trying to grasp on re-inventing myself, and find semblance of order back into our lives.

So the “whys” if at most was the farthest thing in my mind. Reflecting on it, I come to realize I’m not bitter (well, not entirely!) about what happened. In fact I can even rationalize that there are things we don’t want to happen – but have to accept. Or maybe things we don’t want to know but have to learn…or people whom in the past we thought we can’t live without….but we have to let go.

I don’t know….if that actually makes sense to you….but to me it does.

Yes, it still gets me from time to time….but over time, life after separation does eventually gets better….when I find that happiness within me….

So, yes……. why not?

– Start living….rather than sulking on things I can’t undo….

– Stop beating myself with questions…I can’t answer

– Appreciate and begin to love the person I have become…out from a bitter experience

– (lastly, as what my friend would say) Jump, run, and dance in the rain…life after all, is way too beautiful to waste brooding and asking that insipid question