None of us can live without the vision of our future.  If we don’t have one…we will wander aimlessly – I guess without it, life would seem pointless and we might as well die little every day.

Until now, I found myself floundering around….akin to a zombie if you’d allow me to say.  Not knowing what’s going to happen next.  The life that I so carefully build and design has somehow taken a huge smashing….broken to tiny pieces that putting them up together again is next to impossible.

I have lost that vision of the future.  I have lost that general sense of direction where I’m suppose to be moving on…and the hope that something good is on the horizon.

I know not every one of us has that certainty, anyway.  But knowing that you do have a future and a purpose – will make things brighter.

Losing sight of my dreams, I forgot the truth about myself.  I can almost feel life draining from me…I’m overtired, burned out, beaten down and distanced from God.  I am not the same person that I am before, I’m confused about who I am and why I am here – a vision for the future is lost.

 I certainly wish that in time, God can restore that vision where it has been lost.  To be given that hope to dream again…and to find truth beneath the lies of discouragement.


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