I’ve always been working…pretty much my whole life! When I had my first baby I was able to take 5 weeks off. With my second, 7 weeks off. Balancing work and family is such a large part of my life for many years. Somehow, over the years I managed to find ways to “balance” things – but there are times when things feel so heartbreaking!

Come to think of it, with the sudden turn of my situation….I feel like a cross between a superhero (LOL!) and a maid.

During the course of the week, people might compliment me on my creativity and resourcefulness (come on…at least give that to the working mom!) Or someone at work may actually flirt, or even that weird…sometimes dapper looking (lucky days!) guy on the Skytrain would attempt to score. At work, I may feel inspired, motivated and simply plain awesome! I strut on my pumps and suit with purposeful strides and confidence….giving the look that I have everything under control.

Than I go home….

I don’t know with other moms…they at least come home to a house with the kiddos running around. But the challenge – more like a struggle, to moms like me….(with the girls living at my parents)….is the nightly battle with loneliness.

So yeah, I have to take off that superhero mask (part BB cream, two parts SPF tinted moisturizer, mascara, blush, lipstick and on some good days I managed to apply some eye-shadow). Then, drag myself to shower…and if I still have enough energy left I might even manage to grab some dinner and surf the net a bit before crawling to bed – and do my (almost) nightly ritual of talking to my girls’ pictures to oblivion.

It’s not all that bad, working means financial stability for my girls…and that would also mean housework is going to pile during the week. And with the girls living at my parents, I don’t have to worry of the pile-up. At least, I have this peace of mind that we will not be one day found suffocated to death under a gigantic pile of laundry! The girls are safe at my mom’s….at least! (Hmmm….on an afterthought….just in case I stopped blogging for a week….please check on me? I just might have suffocated under that pile of laundry, or was attacked by humongous dust mites!)

All I can say, in spite of all the craziness of my life…..I’m (still) a mother through and through….I simply don’t give a hoot what other people are saying…that no matter what I will always worry about my girls and wish I could be there every step of the way.

And that Balance (whatever that is!) is NEVER going to happen – well to a mom like me at least. I guess, it’s silly to think someone is less of a mother because she has to work and live far from her kids.

So yeah, single working moms are like a cross between Cinderella (minus prince charming and the whole need to be rescued thingy) and Super-Woman

…and the next morning, the Super-cycle repeats….

Yep, call me Super-Rella? Shhhhhh….a girl gotta dream sometimes! So, give it!