With the long weekend coming up (Thai Buddhist Lent) my colleagues at work are edgy and couldn’t seem to wait to jump off from work and head to the beach…or temple…or mountain, this really depends on who I happen to talk to.  So anyway, the weekend coming up is a perfect excuse for everyone to de-stress. 

Personally, I could use a break too – my life seems to get busier as days passes.  Stress is so common in my daily affairs that somehow I just have to deal with it.

Couple of weeks back, a good friend of mine (single parent like me) said I need a vacation – alone!  I guess he’s right, and I have to agree I’m under a lot of stress and needed to get away.  Unfortunately, my schedules and pocket (LOL) won’t allow it right now, so I have to deal/eliminate stress differently – my way.

It’s not that I can jump on a private jet (I wish!) and head off to some secluded island, like celebs do.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t de-stress – can I?  Well, here are some of my favorite ways to de-stress:

I CRY,  yep…and why not?  Women are known to be emotional, and that’s OK .  Every woman needs a good cry…when I’m all stressed up, I allow the tears to flow – although it does make me feel weak and silly but after a few minutes I’m back to normal.  It’s like nothing ever happened, my stress is released and I feel relieved that I can move on with my day….or night.   Oh, yeah just like that….like a flick of a light switch…I cry and then the next minute….I’ll be up and ready to go. LOL!

I DANCE myself silly (in the privacy of my room, of course!).  Just because I’m all grown up doesn’t mean that I can’t partake in the simple joys of childhood.  Personally, it gives me this refreshing nostalgia and the positive associations and memories that melts away whatever that’s pulling me down.

I SLEEP, you have to agree, that nothing beats a good night’s rest  – right?  Whenever, I’m stressed my mind is spinning at a high-speed!   And whether I admit it or not, my body won’t lie when it is exhausted.  So yeah, I sleep it off and most often that shut eye help me relax and allow me to put my problems in perspective.

I MAKE “To Do” List.  I don’t know with you, but I love to be organized.  It doesn’t matter if my “To-Do” list consists of things like “take a shower”, “feed the fish” and “fold the laundry” but each time I check one item off, gives me the feeling that I’ve accomplished something in a day.

I READ.  I love books. Period.  I used to have too many books, but left it at the Ex’s!  Oops!  Anyway, ever since I can remember, reading is one of my favorite things to do.  And besides, it’s a great way for my mind to escape into a new world.

I COOK.   There’s something therapeutic in the process of sharpening the knife (LOL!), chopping, stirring and sautéing.  Need I say more?

I EXERCISE.  With all honesty, I’m a new convert to this.  When, for years the only activity I can remotely compare to exercise is dashing in and out the grocery aisles.  I just realized now that being active can revitalize a person immediately.   Nothing beat the blues like getting your blood pumping, so they say!

I Do my nails.  I like doing my own manicure and pedicure.  There is something soothing and relaxing when I apply colors and experiment on nail art designs… of course the pride that goes with it, when colleagues ask where I had it done….hah!   

….So there, the possibilities are REALLY endless….with a little imagination I can most likely achieve that little haven of stress free long-weekend (at least!)…..and best of all it is cost FREE!