Momminess, sexiness, and prissiness; not at all easy to pull off!   Sexiness?  Nah…I just thought it’d be fun to include that one!

And so to the real issue on hand, (which has nothing to do with sexiness – I assure you!) my hair obsession!  My closest friends can attest, how, when it comes to my hair I’m a little less adventurous…very predictable to say the least.  But a month ago, I ventured out and had my hair done some place else.

Although, that place did an amazing job on my dull and lifeless hair – but as a single mom (money-wise) that is not practical.  Truthfully, I feel guilty to shell out that amount every time I go to the salon.  And so, feeling a little sheepish I went back to my Thai stylist, Chon for this month’s trim.

Raised eyebrow, that’s what I received from him when I entered his shop.  In broken English, he called on his gang to announce “look who the cat dragged in” in the lines of that….but not exactly!  LOL!  So, he asked me, where I’ve been and why I haven’t been back for a while.  I decided to lie and mumbled, “Busy”.

His assistant whisked me to the shampoo area.  And when that’s done Chon motioned me to the chair with scissors on hand and ready to do his magic.

Lifting strands of my hair he peered at my reflection in the mirror “You cut hair?” [sic].  I was actually contemplating to tell another little white lie….but his face!  LOL!  He reminded me of an old schoolmaster, strict and disapproving.  I managed a weak “Yes, some place.”

And he tapped me gently on my shoulders and said, “I know! I remember, this not my cut.” [sic].  I don’t understand how he could have known that….but I guess stylists has this knack of knowing.  I’m thinking to apologize and rant out the blame, to that friend of mine who dragged me to that Japanese salon.  When Chon added, “they, good job” [sic] … a mutual respect of one stylist to another…is not something I get to see every day.  I couldn’t help but smile….it’s rare.

With Chon, happily snipping and chatting away in his faltering English, I feel at home….

That familiarity, the teasing, and easy banter is what I miss last time….something you won’t get from an upscale salon would you?

Call me cheap or what…I’d rather go to a place where it feels like I’m surrounded by friends…

And for saving more than half the price, you’ll also leave the shop with an earful of flattering remarks – enough to tide you till next month’s trim!