20131023-221111.jpgI probably shouldn’t be admitting this, but I really do miss driving. And driving the streets of the Big Mango requires skills and attitude. To be truthfully honest I never learned to swear…until I started driving.

I know this is unfair (feminism aside – sorry girls) but I seriously think we, lady drivers are lunatics. We are danger to self and society. On the whole, the perception on lady drivers are bad. The whole word thinks so and probably every husband thinks they’re better drivers than their wives. This is painful, but I admit there’s a bit of truth to it.

Allow me ladies and gents….to convince you with my proofs (my very own list of craziness-based on experience!) to this long existing notion that women are lousy drivers.

1. We multi-task: to maximize our time we apply make-up and drive

2. We love to talk: driving is the best time to catch up chatting with girlfriends – for moms; it’s the only place where the phone won’t be yanked off their ears by demanding kids

3. We day-dream: it’s a perfect set-up….private and quiet

4. We’re emotional and hormonal: try to honk at a male driver, he’ll simply look over his shoulder and drive on….while with lady driver – my guess is, she’ll either honk back or give you a vindictive look…and most importantly, we experience a raging set of hormones that would set us off at any given time.

5. We’re unpredictable: we brake for no apparent reason….we turn and signal.

6. We’re easily distracted: that could either be from billboard signs of sales or discounts, bouncing kids at the backseat or worst from a critic husband (arrrggghhh!)

So men beware! That would mean every single day, you get to drive past one female who either have PMS, on menopausal, a lousy love life, or armed… If it’s any comfort…the roads are relatively safer –because that’s minus one crazy lady driver.