“A life worth living is worth recording.”

–          Tony Robbins


Writing has always given me comfort, especially on days when I feel choked up with emotions.  I just need to do something to let it out a little…and like what I always tell myself “it is better out than in” otherwise, my poor abused heart might simply explode to smithereens!

Putting my thoughts in paper is simple and effective, unlike everything else in my life right now….at times it feels that writing is (really) the only way for me to dig deeper and find perspective through all the complex issues I go through on a daily basis.

And so far, it has never failed to make me feel great afterward…to find that inner space within me.  It is my way of getting rid of the mental and emotional ballasts which accumulated over time.

Thankfully in writing, I can get whiny, pathetic, angry, ugly, resentful, bitter, jealous, crazy, happy and joyful as I can be; without the immediate judgment, the kind I get when I share to people. 

While it’s true, I just might feel nauseated how ugly I sounded when I go back to read my past entries.  But what is truly important is for me to see my personal development over the course of time.  And of course it will serve as a good review how I managed past challenges in life.