In a next couple of hours, I’ll be flying home.  Initially, leaving the girls with my parents seven months ago was a heart-wrenching ordeal for me, something I cry over for weeks (or months…depending who among my friends you happen to talk to!).  But yes, finally today is the day.

Although, I’d rather wish to come home to a different circumstance, but sometimes what seem to be a sad event turned out to be an occasion where I will be reunited not only with my two darlings but the entire family.

Last week my grandfather (dad’s father) peacefully passed away.  The day he passed, also happened to be my eldest’s 8th birthday celebration.    So what supposed to be a festive family dinner celebration turned into something solemn.   But it brings me enormous comfort to know that despite my distance, my grandfather had a peaceful passing, surrounded by his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

It is but natural for the entire family to feel sad, since we have lost the significant member of our family, but we know he is now in a good place where he can watch over us and be proud that he has raised a beautiful family.

Looking back know, I feel privileged to have known my Lolo.  For he has played a special role in my life,   and I am glad that he got to meet my two girls and I thank God for blessing us with such a wonderful man. 

With only a few hours before I fly home, my heart is full of sunshine and promise.  That, although my grandfather has gone ahead – but his spirit will live on in each of us and grateful that his life is now complete.

When I look at the sky tonight, I will look for that brightest star, for I know it will be my Lolo looking down on me….