Broken-Friendship-QuotesWhen I realized that the person I thought I knew best – is someone I don’t know at all. It totally threw me off balance, and made me feel like I don’t know myself or anyone else at all. From that time till now, I’m constantly wondering, “What am I missing? Who else is lying to me? What everyone else is hiding?” It feels as if I couldn’t even trust my own judgment.

If anyone is to ask me, my “definition of trust” I’d probably say “I just hope that someone is who they are portraying themselves to be.”

As humans, we are weak, and I have learned that even those closest to me, tend to hide things – and I’m essentially taking a risk when I decide to link my life with people. I’m not saying that everybody is (and will be) lying to me all the time, but to trust wholly is something I’m still working through.

I’m still hopeful that in time, trust will return – for as long as the people involved are willing to work for it. After all, we make mistakes from time to time. Wouldn’t it be simplier if we admit and come clean out of it?

Trust is essential, a necessary ingredient to any relationship – that is, if one is truly after a fruitful relationship. Unfortunately in this broken, sick world we live in, trust is compromised – all the time! Spouses betray each other, siblings lie, and friends disappoint us.

Being betrayed is one of the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Strong healthy relationships are truly based in open honesty between people. It’s true what they say “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. Honesty is always the best path to take in any relationship, no matter how much the truth hurts.