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Supermom no more

Super MomI have been extra thankful for this long weekend holiday. For the past weeks, there are days when I feel utterly desperate…having one of those frantic days. Unlike those gorgeous moms of Wisteria Lane, I’m talking about those mommies in the real world. Like me, who work 5 days a week with kids.

I tried to look up what exactly – the word desperate mean? And why so, many of us are time and time again, being afflicted? I’ve found out; it means willing to do anything not heeding any danger….in short reckless, frantic & hopeless. For those of you with family…will agree that one time or another you’ve experienced these feelings. But does life has to be like this? I realize the reason why we sometimes fall into it; because we do too much. We’ve been desperately trying to multi-task…always rushing but never gets ahead.

I’m one of those people who need to fill-in all the squares of my calendar FULL. Leaving me tired and antsy…when I’m too busy…my family suffers; my girls gets an impatient mommy, and health-wise…I get these terrible headaches.

But in the midst of the clutter, chaos, work and most often traffic-related stress that’s making me raving mad!
I found comfort in God’s word. I found out that the scriptures glorify the role of a mother. It was not God’s design for us to be “super-moms”. Society did, it gave us this wonderful picture of “sub-human” being. Who can do a multitude of things at one time and be able to maintain a perfect manicure! I know now, in my heart I can never be that super-mom, but I can be Kate & Pao’s mommy; created with that special kiss that can heal cuts & bruises.

Desperate? Not anymore…well maybe not in a long while after this … after all, I’m still a work in progress. where mommy is

This morning my youngest, Pao went to Sunday School. Teacher asked the kids in class who among them wants to go to heaven.

Naturally, everyone in class raised their tiny little hands …. everyone except my Pao-pao. Perplexed, the Sunday School teacher asked again, “Pao, you don’t want to go to heaven?” Her simple reply? “No, because mommy’s here.”

At her age, her idea of heaven….is a place where mommy is.

Ahhh…rewards of mommyhood. 😉