Super MomI have been extra thankful for this long weekend holiday. For the past weeks, there are days when I feel utterly desperate…having one of those frantic days. Unlike those gorgeous moms of Wisteria Lane, I’m talking about those mommies in the real world. Like me, who work 5 days a week with kids.

I tried to look up what exactly – the word desperate mean? And why so, many of us are time and time again, being afflicted? I’ve found out; it means willing to do anything not heeding any danger….in short reckless, frantic & hopeless. For those of you with family…will agree that one time or another you’ve experienced these feelings. But does life has to be like this? I realize the reason why we sometimes fall into it; because we do too much. We’ve been desperately trying to multi-task…always rushing but never gets ahead.

I’m one of those people who need to fill-in all the squares of my calendar FULL. Leaving me tired and antsy…when I’m too busy…my family suffers; my girls gets an impatient mommy, and health-wise…I get these terrible headaches.

But in the midst of the clutter, chaos, work and most often traffic-related stress that’s making me raving mad!
I found comfort in God’s word. I found out that the scriptures glorify the role of a mother. It was not God’s design for us to be “super-moms”. Society did, it gave us this wonderful picture of “sub-human” being. Who can do a multitude of things at one time and be able to maintain a perfect manicure! I know now, in my heart I can never be that super-mom, but I can be Kate & Pao’s mommy; created with that special kiss that can heal cuts & bruises.

Desperate? Not anymore…well maybe not in a long while after this … after all, I’m still a work in progress.