Can you guess what I use to make this beauty?


I love accessories, and if you know me well enough you’ll notice how I love bracelets of all sort and make – from metal, leather, cloth, plastic, beads, crystals…you name it! I just love, love, love them!

But sometimes, they don’t come cheap…while most of my expensive ones are from my darling mother – I promise you, she has quite a collection. And whenever, I’m back home, one of my favorite activities is to rummage through her dresser together with my girls we’ll spend hours trying everything on.

Despite of my obvious love affair with bracelets, I seldom invest on my own ;). At most, I con my brother in buying me some lovely stone bracelets (which he does by the way) or I DIY it myself!

So tonight, as I was going through my junk drawer I found this “ugh-ly” pair of earrings that for the life of me – don’t understand why I bought it in the first place.


See? You have to admit it looks kind of gaudy, right? Maybe a bit too much for the office? But the flower design looks pretty – with a bit of Chanel inspired look to it. And I simply don’t have the heart to “donate” it to friends (yeah, I can be a bit of a hoarder sometimes!).

If you’re curious how I transformed this from ugh-ly to glam….I’ve included short easy tutorial to follow…just in case you want to replicate it with your own ‘to-throw-away’ accessories.

Let’s get started! Here’s all you need.

* old accessories
* pliers
* plastic container (to keep the tiny pieces once you start de-structuring your accessory)

For this project I only use one earring from the pair. Start de-structuring your earring with the pliers. This part was actually a bit tricky, because you need to pry the jump rings very carefully since you will use it later.


Once you have the entire earring de-structured. Make sure you keep all those tiny pieces in a container….like this.


Isn’t that neat?

Now to the exciting part, you can start connecting your pieces, connect them with the jump rings you’ve pried-off. As you go along, check your bracelet length…for me I like it to hug my wrist, but it’s really up to you if you want to make it a bit lose.


Once you have the bracelet at its ideal length, set that aside for a while and work on the earring fish-hook. This may require some bending, remember that inverted “S” lock. I’m sure you’ve seen those types in some of your jewelry. Try to replicate that using your pliers bend the earring fish hook to that shape, like so….


Once you’re satisfied with the “S” lock shape…mine is not perfect, I promise you- but serves the purpose ;). Attach it to your bracelet, and make sure to add another jump ring on the other end where you can hook your bracelet’s lock.



I think it goes well with this floral tee, right? That’s it for now…:)