The urge to burst in tears was so sudden…that surge of emotions blew me away.  All because I saw this lady vendor selling a cute doggy toy on the street. As I passed her on my way to the Skytrain, I thought to myself, my girls would stop and “oh, ah” over that cute little toy! Then, as you would have guessed it, I teared up.

Sounds crazy to you right? Well, maybe not for a long distance mom like me…

I guess nobody understands the struggles of a long-distance mom unless you are one.

It’s a daily battle of loneliness. The act of putting on a brave-happy-face at work is easy enough. But the occasional lunch-break-silent-crying-binge (at toilet stalls) is another thing.

Long distance parenting can be tough, yet as hard as it is, we move along our daily battles in silence.

I hope you’ll forgive us at times when we seem uninterested to listen to stories about your children. We are not being rude, we just don’t want to be reminded of something we physically don’t have…the presence of our children.

Like other parents our desire is to be with our children every step of the way.  School events, birthdays and other milestones.  We wanted to be there. Sometimes it’s possible, and sometimes it’s just plain impossible.

So, what would a long distance mommy like me do? Wipe my tears take that train home, think of happy thoughts and just stay positive.