I’m 28…..fine, it’s 38. I’m not a huge fan of my own birthday.   I can’t really tell you why, but probably it’s the attention that I dislike.  But well, here we are again.…

Every year on my birthday, I would sit down and blog about it.  Unlike the past years, I was feeling oh, so wise and full of opinions to share.  But now at 38, I don’t have that “deep thoughts” or profound truth to share today.  I assumed that as I approach my 40’s – I’m supposed to enter that perceptive level and impart wisdom on a regular basis.  Sadly, I don’t have any of those today.

So, this year I thought I’ll simply read through my past blogs and see what this ridiculous mommy wrote.  I have no problem at laughing at my own expense.  And so, as a birthday treat to myself – I will read and laugh at how clueless I am, about life – and of course I’ll take you with me.

Because…why not?

At 34: I talked about my comical super powers, and the increasingly alarming amount of creams on my dresser top.  I’m basically a happy naive mommy at 34, read more and cringe –  Hey! I’ll be 30 shhhh!

At 35: I have nothing much to talk about life at that age, nothing creative or empowering…so I came up with this silly 35 Random Things about me

At 36: The year, that blew my dreams and what I thought was real, to smithereens.  But somehow, it gave me enough “maturity” about life to pen this Thank you  blog.

At 37: The pain that I went through was slowly, easing.  The wounds are healing and I have a new focus in life – my daughters.  And on my birthday that year I wrote this,  37 Life Lessons for my daughters

Maybe in the past I’m simply babbling or I wrote stuff about things I have learned the year prior.  But after reflecting on my crazy-roller-coaster life for the past 2 years….I think I can only sum it all up into two lines.  Life is short and it can get real messy.  Either you embrace it and find humor from it – or you can complain that life sucks.

I choose, humor.

Happy 38th!
Happy 38th!

With that, I have everything I need to be thankful for, my girls, parents, and brother who love me more than I’d ever know.  The rest is simply icing on my cake.

On that note, I’m off to do birthday stuff today….have a great start of the work week, and thanks for reading!

Love you all, oodles and oodles!