I finally got around to post a blog about my 3D hairstroke brows done by monaNisa located at Phahonyothin Rd.  I just want to be clear this is not a paid Press gift – I actually paid for these bad boys and they ain’t cheap. But I can assure you, it’s worth every single satang.

I have always envied celebrities with perfect eyebrows…Megan Fox, Jourdan Dunn, Rita Ora and Jaime King…just to name few of my favorites. Unfortunately, I’m not born with natural-perfectly-arched eyebrows. But I did have years of having an over plucked brows – and that didn’t help at all!

So, at 38 I’m left with sparse to almost non-existent brows. Now, the thing is I have been contemplating to have it done professionally for quite some time. But I was too scared to go through the idea of permanent make-up.

However, on the later part of 2014 it became more of an obsession that I would one day own a perfect pair of eyebrows!  So, by December, I finally decided that I just have to do it.

Now, you must understand that living in Bangkok, is like living in a beauty Mecca.  We have all sorts of beauty studios that cater to almost everything – you wouldn’t believe the vast number of options.

At the beginning I was a bit squeamish to have something done permanently, after all I will be stuck with it for life – in case something goes wrong.

And I am truly happy with my experience with monaNisa.  I have sung praises of Nisa’s work over Instagram, tweeted some of it.  And after 3 weeks on, I’m still ecstatic with how my brows give me a polished look and the difference it makes to my face. I once met an equally “kikay” Thai friend over coffee, and she was actually staring at my face the entire time, then she eventually asked me if I had “something done”.

Now, if you are contemplating to have it done, here’s some of my tips of how to find your own “best” studio.

1. Shop around

This can be easily done online or you can go around the city and check.  Do not settle with the first one you see.  It took me the entire month to actually shop around and even ask friends about it.  Then, give them a call, or visit their studio and talk to their aesthetician – for me, if they sound bored, impatient and downright rude.  Then I will definitely not trust them to do my brows, when they’re not even patient enough to answer my questions.

2. Read/Listen to testimonials

Testimonials from past customers can be very helpful when you are trying to find the best studio.  Again, you do not need to settle for one or two good feed-back.  The more happy customer that studio have the better.

3. Check the sanitation

I couldn’t emphasize more on this.  But I know you’d understand how this is vital.  I have nothing against those small studios popping around the malls, and even some in an open air flea markets (talad) around the city!  Remember, you’re playing with needles and open skin.  Also, don’t forget to ask if they’re using disposable needles (this might cost you a bit more). But you really don’t want to invite infection, do you?

There you go, all you need now is courage – to really commit to it.  I’ll be soon posting another blog about the entire procedure after I’ve completed my final touch-up.

Good luck!  And hope this helps!