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Happy Birthday, Tatay!

While, he may n481299_10152296208645178_5804832725251186970_not qualify as hero to some…yet this man has done heroic things for his family.  He has done unselfish acts of service, love and devotion for me, my brother, my nanay, to his own father, his nieces, nephews and most of all to his siblings.

He sacrificed a lot in this  lifetime for others, more than he ever has done for himself.

And he should be commended and recognized for his terrific duties as a husband,a father, and a loving son, uncle and brother.

Our dear Tatay retired early and from then on he was “Mr. Mom” for us…long before anyone had a name for it.

He’s done  so many things for us during our growing up years. While our mother, took on the role of providing financial support for the family; our father on the other hand, made sure that everything is in order at home. He’d always have the dinner ready for us when we arrive home from school. And our house is always spick n’ span. He cooks, cleans and tinkers around the house without a murmur of protest of how “unmanly” it is to do housework.

This most unselfish man I have ever known….and that family is what he stands for.
Happy Birthday, Tatay!
We love you so, so much!
…and thank you….for being our HERO!

Blues Clues

81-Confused-Blue-Smiley-Free-3D-Vector-Clipart-IllustrationEveryone gets the blues from time to time. The past few days were especially difficult, Bangkok Metropolis was wrapped in this gloomy spell.  The clouds are low, hideous traffic and of course the non-stop rain.  As a single mom living far from my kids, occasional down days have become part of my life here.

The good news is despite of my occasional bouts of sadness, I have (so far) never resort to any medication to combat the blues.  I can safely say by now, “I know” me well enough that I can’t simply pep-talk myself to “snap out of it”.  Yet, whenever, I’m entering that dark place I would immediately adopt some simple changes in my daily routine that can naturally boost my mood.

I’m thinking it’ll be nice to share my cost-free mood boosters:

Write It Down – I guess this is very simple, as getting my feelings out, at the same time it provides me the insight of what I feel at that particular moment; it also clues me in how to let go of the inner demons that’s eating me inside out.  I do this continuously, on regular intervals during the bout or until I feel better about myself again.

Get Moving – I’m the type who exercise sporadically…or whenever I feel like it.  But whenever I’m feeling blue I make sure to indulge in some vigorous jumping around.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I can only speculate that with the blood pumping somehow, it improves blood flow to the brain.  Yes, the brain where I need it most!

Mini-shopping – This works all the time with me.  I’m not saying it has to be a big spending that will place a huge dent in my budget.  But rather, indulge in small items that I love.  Since I’m the kind of person who loves trinkets, I’ll buy few items here and there, for myself and the girls.  It’s something that always brings smile back to my face (even for a little while).  Then of course, shopping will never be complete without getting a new pair of shoes.  Although I have the tendency to get the most impractical shoes – in a sense that I won’t be able to wear it for work.  Still, it makes me feel good about myself and boosts the mood.

Ice-cream, Chocolate & Nuts – To those really close to me, they know I do not eat these on “normal” days.  It has nothing to do with diet, I promise you! It’s just that I’m not fond of them…but whenever I feel down, they’re my best-friends!

And this one takes a lot of effort, Think Positively – even during my down times, I try to force myself to think of all those things I appreciate in life my girls, work, my parents, my friends, and those who love me still despite being such a bitch sometimes.

Reach Out – this is by far my least favorite, often when I’m down I have the tendency to avoid people.  I pull away even from those closest to me.  But time and time again, it has proved that reaching out to someone is a fast-sure way to combat those blues.

So there, those are my personal cost-free blues busters.  Have you got some of your own?   Don’t forget to share ;)!

in search of Superman

smanYesterday, my sweet, sweet friend Gift, asked me “How’s your love life?” I can’t remember the number of times she actually asked me that. And because of her regular prompting it had me thinking….

and so, I began contemplating the qualities of what would make a “perfect” significant other for me.

If, I’m brave enough for round 2!!!

In the hopes of finding my own man of steel, here’s my “in search of Superman” List…

Superman …

Will not cheat on me.

Will learn how to communicate like an ADULT.

Will understand that my girls are my number 1 priority.

Will have a job. And rocks at it!

Will love the idea that I am independent.

Will talk when the need arises…rather than trying to shove it off.

Will not judge me for having too many shoes ; ).

Will not be jealous of my gay best-friends (yes, plural)!

Will know how to manage his money.

Will bring me to nice places.

Will at least have his own life. And not spend every waking second with me.

Will compliment me once in a while, especially when I’ve made an effort to look extra nice.

Will be emotionally mature and evolved. I don’t need a cave man!

Will have goals and drive to achieve them. I think that’s sexy.

Will not make me feel dumb and childish.

Will call or text just to say “hi”.

Will love me for me – imperfections and flaws, and love me even more for it.

Will have a great sense of humor, but know when to be serious.

Will think I’m a ‘hottie’ (LOL!). Not just cute.

Will be confident about himself, but not egotistical.

Will have a regular sized temper, I’m so done with dramas!

Will love wine and fine food.

Will not judge me of my past relationships.

Will love that I have such a big heart.

Will stand up for me if someone attacks – verbally or otherwise, and ask questions later.

(and yes,) Will hold my hand while I’m at the dentist’s! 😉

This will be a work on progress kind of list…but I’m seriously thinking to print it and tack it on my fridge and use as a constant reminder of what I deserve…

Superman, no less!

I’m back!

I feel guilty that I haven’t been blogging as much as I want to.  My blogging is more of a personal “therapy” from life’s craziness.  However, I haven’t done much writing for the past few months. Well, that’s not entirely true – I do keep my journals, that’s something that I try to maintain no matter how busy I am with the girls and work.

Writing has always been my escape.  I’m not saying, I’m exceptionally good at it, but it helps me stay grounded, and most often it keeps me sane (very sane).  And it actually makes me feel me a bit sad…when I think about those lost months and not to mention lost materials!

Agggh! I want to hit myself hard. On the head. 🙂

I regret it, yes.  But there’s no point wasting more time moaning over that, right?  So, here I am.

I’m back, and I made a small promise to myself to post one blog a week.  Now, that should be something you, my friend should be looking forward to.  Haha!

Ta, ta for now.