in search of Superman

smanYesterday, my sweet, sweet friend Gift, asked me “How’s your love life?” I can’t remember the number of times she actually asked me that. And because of her regular prompting it had me thinking….

and so, I began contemplating the qualities of what would make a “perfect” significant other for me.

If, I’m brave enough for round 2!!!

In the hopes of finding my own man of steel, here’s my “in search of Superman” List…

Superman …

Will not cheat on me.

Will learn how to communicate like an ADULT.

Will understand that my girls are my number 1 priority.

Will have a job. And rocks at it!

Will love the idea that I am independent.

Will talk when the need arises…rather than trying to shove it off.

Will not judge me for having too many shoes ; ).

Will not be jealous of my gay best-friends (yes, plural)!

Will know how to manage his money.

Will bring me to nice places.

Will at least have his own life. And not spend every waking second with me.

Will compliment me once in a while, especially when I’ve made an effort to look extra nice.

Will be emotionally mature and evolved. I don’t need a cave man!

Will have goals and drive to achieve them. I think that’s sexy.

Will not make me feel dumb and childish.

Will call or text just to say “hi”.

Will love me for me – imperfections and flaws, and love me even more for it.

Will have a great sense of humor, but know when to be serious.

Will think I’m a ‘hottie’ (LOL!). Not just cute.

Will be confident about himself, but not egotistical.

Will have a regular sized temper, I’m so done with dramas!

Will love wine and fine food.

Will not judge me of my past relationships.

Will love that I have such a big heart.

Will stand up for me if someone attacks – verbally or otherwise, and ask questions later.

(and yes,) Will hold my hand while I’m at the dentist’s! 😉

This will be a work on progress kind of list…but I’m seriously thinking to print it and tack it on my fridge and use as a constant reminder of what I deserve…

Superman, no less!


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