While, he may n481299_10152296208645178_5804832725251186970_not qualify as hero to some…yet this man has done heroic things for his family.  He has done unselfish acts of service, love and devotion for me, my brother, my nanay, to his own father, his nieces, nephews and most of all to his siblings.

He sacrificed a lot in this  lifetime for others, more than he ever has done for himself.

And he should be commended and recognized for his terrific duties as a husband,a father, and a loving son, uncle and brother.

Our dear Tatay retired early and from then on he was “Mr. Mom” for us…long before anyone had a name for it.

He’s done  so many things for us during our growing up years. While our mother, took on the role of providing financial support for the family; our father on the other hand, made sure that everything is in order at home. He’d always have the dinner ready for us when we arrive home from school. And our house is always spick n’ span. He cooks, cleans and tinkers around the house without a murmur of protest of how “unmanly” it is to do housework.

This most unselfish man I have ever known….and that family is what he stands for.
Happy Birthday, Tatay!
We love you so, so much!
…and thank you….for being our HERO!