I’m obsessed with writing lists, my fave pass time will most likely be… sitting quietly in one corner writing my endless lists. I don’t have an explanation why I’m like that…but I’ve always imagined I was born with a pen and notepad ready to write lists. I remember as a young girl, I diligently keep a journal and in itJpeg, are endless lists and plans.

The only thing I can tell you, is how it gives me enormous pleasure whenever I tick one thing off from my list.

Weird? But again, that’s who I am.  A chronic list-writer. 🙂

When I was in the middle of my marriage breakdown, the first thing I did was to sit down and write my lists.

There’s something about writing down my “to dos” that keep me sane.

                                                 …it helps me think…

In fact, I only allowed myself to break-down emotionally after I have completed my lists.

At that time, I have 3 major lists.

  1. Financial options for me and the girls
  2. What legal steps to take
  3. Plan our escape (I don’t want to sound melodramatic here, but that actually happened!)

After having those three in place, I started to cry.

So, it is safe to say my lists actually saved me, and my sanity.  As strange as it may sound, reaching out to family and friends  were secondary that particular time.

I once  overheard a family friend expressed to my mother, how devastating it must be for me to see my carefully “planned” life is slowly crumbling.   My mom simply replied, “she’ll be OK, she’ll figure out what to do”

To her credit, my mom knows me well enough that writing helps me.

It helps me figure things out.

My lists helped me think rationally during the most irrational moments in life.

I guess what I’m trying to say here, that despite our best efforts to plan our lives ….

…life is still unpredictable….but a little bit of writing never hurts. 😊