I woke up this morning totally freaked out.  I took one look at my ‘to do list’ and I almost cried!

Cardboard-Box-300x262Although, I know in my heart this move will be a positive change and another chance to start fresh – yet, the physical aspect of clearing my condo and packing all my stuff is so unappealing.

I know from experience that time is always something we can’t control.  I like to plan ahead and I know me, well enough that I hate to do things in last-minute.

But now, I am just so overwhelmed!

Despite of my “stress-free move list”  – I don’t know where to start.

I’m stressing out right now, and when I’m stressed out my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can’t simply handle that.  Just imagining the chaos of boxes here and boxes there – makes me want to puke.

So, I’m taking a breather here – and write it down and share this “journey” with you.

Here’s my how-to-pack your stuff and stay sane tips.

  1.  Sort and purge.  Be ruthless here, go through stuff you feel worth keeping and don’t be tempted to cling on the junk that supposed to be tossed out long ago.  (Get a grip, Eula!)
  2. Pack stuff by room order.  This will somehow confine the clutter at one particular place at a given time and that will keep the OCD in me relatively sane.
  3. Uniform box sizes. Again, don’t take this as a nod to my OCD, there is actually a practical side to it.  It’s actually easy to stack them up later and also for the movers.  I like to use boxes big enough for one person to move around.  I’m petite and it doesn’t make sense for me to use gigantic boxes, right?
  4. Label all your boxes.  You know why, labeling boxes is practical.  No need to elaborate this one.

So, there!  I’m going to leave you with that for now….and I’ll be off to jump-start my packing.