Re-organizations and changes are happening all the time.  In the span of two years alone I have had several new bosses.

Getting a new boss always feels like in many ways, starting over again.  Most often than not, these transitions can be stressful for both the new boss and employee.

I always try to stay on the positive sides of things.  And despite of the changes I just want to keep in mind to get a clear agenda what my new boss’s expectations are, particularly in my role.

I truly appreciate a boss who initiates an individual meeting with subordinates.  I just feel as an employee it is important to find out how my new boss defines success in my role.

And which I truly believe both parties will benefit from this information, to help foster a good working relationship.

From my personal experience in the past, here are few key questions I usually ask my new boss (if that individual meeting will actually happen):

  1. What are your expectations – of me in this role?
  2. What will be your key priorities for my unit and my role?
  3. How much information do you need from me? And how do you want me to communicate it with you?

Having  clear communication is important. This will make much easier for both parties to quantify their contribution for the organization.

In the end, each leader will have their own leadership style. If you happen to feel a bit frustrated with the challenges of constant change, try to look at the positive side of things…it usually gets better, just give it time.