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10 things I do at airports 

I’m not the most patient person. If there’s one thing I hate, hate, HATE in life…that will be, waiting.

That’s why it bothers me a lot if my flight is delayed….I know things like this happens (a lot!) so, instead of getting all upset and annoyed I try to pass time as sanely as possible.

Here are the top 10-things I like to do at the airport.

1.Drink Coffee.  Lots of it. With the abundance of coffee shops it’s like “heaven” for a caffeine junkie like me.  So I pass time by drinking coffee.

2. Update Apps. I love free airport WIFI access. There’s nothing sweeter than to bum some high speed WIFI connection and update my applications.

3. People Watching.  I know this one is a little bit mean.  But hey, I’m bored! I love to mentally assess people’s airport outfits and do an imaginary make-over. “Those shoes mah dahling is hideous, burn that!” And I can go on and on with this for hours. Totally enjoyable…. for me. 😆

4. Write Lists.  Oh geez, this one is a real time killer, and it also gives me a sense of false accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if I end up with lists like. “Things to do with annoying people”,  “Things to do when you’re happy/sad”, “How to talk to your pre-teen daughters so sound like you know what you’re doing”, and etc. etc. Get the drift?

5. Type Some Stupid Blog Entry Like This.  Nuf said.

6. Chat with friends. Why not surprise an old friend with a friendly chat. Not considering you actually haven’t talked to this person for months. Reconnect and try to rekindle the friendship. Of course keeping a mental note that you’ll be in touch again with this person regularly not only whenever you’re stuck at the airport.

7. Stalk Friends on Facebook.  This one is pure entertainment. I’m “lucky” to have FB friends whose lives are very entertaining. Because I don’t need a subscription for TFC.  Needing a dose of drama, comedy, romance?  Browse the newsfeed.

8. Send Excessive SMS to My Mother.

9. Read Twitter Feeds or Scroll Pictures on Instagram.

10. Create a new board on Pinterest.

How about you? How do you kill time when you’re bored at the airports?

An open letter to my Angel Cake

To my angel cake….mostly reserved and very perceptive eldest daughter, Katie….

As you celebrate your birthday, I would like to take this moment to sit down, reflect and thank God for His gift.

You are truly every mother’s dream daughter and I can’t even begin to imagine what I have done to deserve you.

Another milestone my darling, it seems like yesterday when I first laid eyes on you.  When I had you, I was daunted with how much I had to teach you…never realizing that you will teach me just as much.

You’ve taught me acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love.  Remember, when one of your friends asked if you ever feel lonely without your daddy?  Your reply “No, because I know he loves us in his own way.  I’m OK with it.”

Your innocent response, held wisdom beyond my 38 years!  Many times, as your mother, I’m second guessing myself – if I’m doing it right.  Then, when I look at you and your sister, I realize there is this huge part of my life that I’m actually doing unbelievably good.

There is nothing more overwhelming than the pride that fills me whenever you accomplished something, completed another project, mastered another skill.  I always admire your determination….once you’ve set your heart and mind to it…you never stop my darling, until you’ve finished it.

You fill me with so much love and joy that it brings me to my knees when I imagine you growing up, and soon become independent. Nonetheless, I continue to marvel over God’s precious and wonderful gift to me.

I understand that you won’t be my little angel cake forever…but while your hand still fits in mine and you still call me Mommy, I will relish every second of our journey together.

And though, there will come a time when it feels like you don’t need mommy to do things for you, I hope you know that there are things (still) that only mommy can help 😉 because you will always be my little girl, my precious wonderful firstborn.

I love you, and happy 11th anak.