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RRL’s Lazy Packing List (how to pack like a boss, that you are!)

I know I should start my packing now.  With my early morning flight tomorrow, and my type-A-ish personality, I should be doing that.  Like… right now!

…but hey, sometimes lazy bug does get me.  Usually, this kind of thing gets me “high” I love the idea of planning, figuring out what to bring and the actual act of stuffing the suitcase.

But not today…

At the very least, I managed to list down what I intend to bring.


RRL’s Lazy Packing List 🙂 

Arrrrghh….looking at my list, I seem to have missed out another set of clothing – my return flight outfit.  Hmmm…come to think of it….I don’t remember boarding the plane requires a “smell-check”.

Well, there’s always a first!

…..hmmm…smelly flight back…here I come???


Love. Love. Love you all.

Talk soon.


My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

It’s exhilarating to have my brain back! The past few months was like functioning on “automaton”.  The pressures of moving to a new place, new work and tmy-brain-has-too-many-tabs-open-quote-1he traveling certainly took its toll on me.  I’m usually very good in maintaining my blog updates…but sitting down and typing my thoughts away was definitely very challenging.

I believe we all have our own stress threshold; it’s humbling for me to recognize my optimum level.  And for each of us, there is a point where stress becomes distress.

It’s a bit distressing (on my part) to realize that I haven’t been very good with my time.  For someone who prided herself to be very good at it….that speaks a lot.  The reason why I was feeling overwhelm was probably because I tried to push myself too hard on things I have no control over.

While, I’m not totally out of my “woods” yet….but the fact that I started to write and ramble on – is always a good sign.

I’d like to extend my love to all my lovely friends who have been patient, while I’ve gone MIA yet again.

Love. Love. Love.

Talk soon!