It’s exhilarating to have my brain back! The past few months was like functioning on “automaton”.  The pressures of moving to a new place, new work and tmy-brain-has-too-many-tabs-open-quote-1he traveling certainly took its toll on me.  I’m usually very good in maintaining my blog updates…but sitting down and typing my thoughts away was definitely very challenging.

I believe we all have our own stress threshold; it’s humbling for me to recognize my optimum level.  And for each of us, there is a point where stress becomes distress.

It’s a bit distressing (on my part) to realize that I haven’t been very good with my time.  For someone who prided herself to be very good at it….that speaks a lot.  The reason why I was feeling overwhelm was probably because I tried to push myself too hard on things I have no control over.

While, I’m not totally out of my “woods” yet….but the fact that I started to write and ramble on – is always a good sign.

I’d like to extend my love to all my lovely friends who have been patient, while I’ve gone MIA yet again.

Love. Love. Love.

Talk soon!