I know I should start my packing now.  With my early morning flight tomorrow, and my type-A-ish personality, I should be doing that.  Like… right now!

…but hey, sometimes lazy bug does get me.  Usually, this kind of thing gets me “high” I love the idea of planning, figuring out what to bring and the actual act of stuffing the suitcase.

But not today…

At the very least, I managed to list down what I intend to bring.

RRL’s Lazy Packing List 🙂 

Arrrrghh….looking at my list, I seem to have missed out another set of clothing – my return flight outfit.  Hmmm…come to think of it….I don’t remember boarding the plane requires a “smell-check”.

Well, there’s always a first!

…..hmmm…smelly flight back…here I come???


Love. Love. Love you all.

Talk soon.