Monthly Archives: April 2016

Blink. Blink. Blink. (The nightmare of the blinking cursor)

Blink.  Blink.  Blink.

Blinking cursor.  White screen.  Blank.

It’s terrifying at times when I want to put up fresh content and yet my brain is totally blank.

Ah!  The nightmare of the blinking cursor!

I’ve been back for 8 days now….after a short break visiting relatives and catching on some family matters.  Hoping that the short break will actually generate more blog topics – I could never be more wrong!

So, here I am staring at my monitor screen for what seem like days with nothing.  My brain is totally blank!  Oh, how I really wish to be able to; A) borrow a brain, or B) steal from others.

Information + Inspiration   =   Creation

That’s what I really need at this very moment.