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I have to admit that I’m very good in keeping my emotions at bay.  It’s safe to say by now,  I have mastered the art of keeping a straight face even what I really want to do is shake someone like a little glow stick until that light comes on.

Yes.  I have a VERY short fuse.  It’s like, I have this little monster inside, that’s ready to explode at any given time, if I’m not careful.

If there’s an anger management classes available in Phuket, I’d probably be the first one to sign-up.  While I don’t often allow the most ridiculous, meaningless things to ruin my day.  But sometimes, people will really test you….

Like, REALLY, REALLY test you!

Sometimes, I imagine if people can only see what’s going on in my mind – they’ll be horrified…it’s all blood, gore and all those nasty words that you will have a hard time imagining come out from someone like me.

Fine, I have that shallowness in me….but I would like to think it isn’t as deep as it could be.  Otherwise it wouldn’t bother me after my outburst.  On the contrary, whenever I let these selfish feelings get the best of me … I feel remorseful (well, a bit).

We have our moments….those times in our lives when we have difficulty putting things in perspective.  So, after letting out my silent screams and exhausted myself from assaulting poor paper and pen…I STOP, take a deep breath and remind myself I have to stay thankful.

Today, since I’m feeling extra nasty nice …I would like to share ways I remind myself to be thankful.

  1. Accept more, Expect less.  There are things beyond our control, I have learned that acceptance is a wonderful remedy to a heavy heart.  If someone you know is as dense as humanly possible.  Accept it.   It’s not their fault, neither you should be stressing yourself over them, in the hopes that they will change.  Sometimes change is simply not possible for everyone.  Get over it, and move on.
  2. Forgiveness. They said is the healthiest and stabilizing emotion…go ahead and forgive that impossible person in your life…deep breath and “I forgive you for being  *&%$#%$%!!!!”
  3. Accept that there are two types of people, those who understand sarcasm and idiots.….so deal with it and move on.
  4. Move on. There is really no point to waste your time explaining something to someone stupid…because really, you’re not a jackass whisperer. As Elsa would say, “let it go…”