Nanay’s Garden (lessons I learned from my mother’s garden)

garden-gate-966108_640For many years, I’ve never fully understood my mother and her passion for gardening. She never seems to tire out in re-arranging those pots of flowers and not to mention the constant uprooting and re-planting of those poor (poor) plants. Sometimes, I imagine if only her plants can talk, they might have already complained. But on the contrary, her plants will always be in bloom.

My Nanay is one of those few people gifted with a green thumb. To her, gardening is not only a good exercise but it is her way to provide fresh flowers for the family, or an aesthetic view for any house visitors. And if she happens to like you that much, she’ll definitely tour you around her precious garden. A truly enlightening experience, as she’ll always have a story to tell about each plant. Where she got it, how she got it – you wouldn’t believe the extremes my mother would do just to get a certain variety of plant. And numerous other stories… about her beloved plants.

I now know that God may have more in mind for my mother’s gardening gift. And despite our distance, I’m constantly on the updates of which variety is in bloom, how she was able to nurse back an ailing seedling or how she was able to “grow” a certain bulb or seed I’ve sent her (which of course, I truly have no clue!).

And in the past few days, I’ve made some reflections on how my mother influenced me. In ways she may not even be consciously aware of and how God shows Himself and His ways in her humble garden.

The garden reflects the miracles God is doing in our lives. How weeds – like sins has to be rooted out. Spacing is necessary for productive garden, and the various factors needed for growth and the effect of the season change.flower-442592_640

The regular “watering” is vital, spiritual growth is impossible without the Bible. And of course, the “tilling” of the soil is prayer – daily conversations with our Father, without which, it will drift us away from Him.

I’m sure my Nanay would agree that one of the pleasures of gardening is to be able to share the beauty and freshness of the garden with others. To be able to bring an armful of blooming flowers to a sick friend or neighbor that will warm the heart of the giver as the receiver.

As an adult I have experienced an abundance of blessings through our Lord and Savior. One of the pleasures and duties of the Christian life is to share Christ, the author of such blessings, with others so that they, too, are able to be blessed.

Thank you Nanay….for your love and for sharing the “growing seasons”.



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