All parenting has its challenges.  And definitely no one needs to tell you that single parenting is tough.

As a single parent myself, I can tell you right now that doing it alone has additional challenges.  But is single parenting do-able?

A big, YES!




I can say that to you with confidence, that I have made it this far.  The journey wasn’t an easy one…but it’s all a matter of putting one foot in front of another, on a daily basis.

It’s very normal to be depressed at the beginning, but as time goes you, as a single-parent you will figure out your own rhythm.

It all starts how you view the challenges you have right in front of you.

Any challenge is surmountable – it only requires an extra dose of courage and determination.  I have to mention as well, it is very important to have a very strong support group.  In my case, I am truly blessed to have my parents, along with their wisdom on those dark, dark days helped me survive it through.



For many years now, not only have I survived, together with my daughters, we thrived.  We have developed a loving bond that have taken us through many rough spots.  It is the same bond that will see us through for the rest of our lives.

Single parenting was never a choice for me, I never planned this, ironically this is one area in my life I didn’t see coming.

But, I am happy to share  that I have made it work…

…and you can too.