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2016…and it’s a wrap!

letgoandmoveforwardI’m a little behind with my writing this year.  Quite frankly, 2016 has been one of the toughest year for me.

Since beginning of December I have been thinking of how to wrap up this year’s blog. And…..nothing.  My brain just wouldn’t focus on one specific topic to write about – and despite of all the negativity…I really want to end this year on a high note.


As this turbulent year comes to its close, I would rather want to focus the positives and the things I have learned throughout the year.

Here are the things  I have learned this year.  (Monthly excerpts from my journal)

  1. There is Triumph in Unanswered Prayers.  This may seem weird to some, but this year I have come to understand the reason behind the unanswered prayer I had for years.  Just be patient, there is always a reason behind. beautiful
  2. Happiness is synthetic.  We always hear people say “Happiness is a choice.”  It’s as simple as you either create it or you don’
  3. End things where there is no chance of improved future interactions.  It’s always not easy to let go of things/people that we have grown attached to over the years.  However, if despite our best efforts if the behavior or the situation remains the same.  Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and let go of the those toxicity in life. toxic
  4. Inspire others.  In order to nurture and inspire human spirit, one must be first and foremost an inspiration. This is probably one of the toughest lesson.  If you’re not an inspiration…..then what are you?inspire.jpg
  5. People will talk, let them.  Learn to ignore those mundane village talk.  The best defense is to smile and ignore.  Remember, humans will never understand the language of the ants.  positive
  6. It’s always easy to clean your mess when someone is helping. A mess is always easier to clean when you have someone helping you.  Sometimes we rely too much in our independence and our ability to rationalize things, that we forgot to invite our Father to help us clean the mess … the mess that mostly we ourselves created.letgod
  7. Tough days shouldn’t break your spirit. baddays
  8. Stop comparing yourself with others.  Take pride in the person that you have become. be-you
  9. Failure is not the end.  According to Winston Churchill, “Success consist of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”  fairlure
  10. What consumes your mind controls your heart.  Have you ever thought that whatever you think the most will likely manifest in your life?  Thus if you fill your mind with negativity, then negative things will follow you wherever you go.train
  11. A small twinkle creates the brightest glow.  Sometimes, the best things comes from small and most often underrated things in life. bestthings
  12. Better things are coming. I have learned that hope is one of the greatest virtue one could ever imbibe.  Don’t give up on things….there is always hope of the better things to come.hopeandfaith


Opps, my bad! I could’ve sworn I was dealing with an Adult! (How to Handle Childish Adults)

Some people never grow up completely.  

Unfortunately to some of us, we see them everyday at work.  

Here are some signs you are dealing with childish adult and how to handle them.suit-673697_1280

1. Attention Seekers:

These people are actually pathetic.  They crave for attention all the time, this usually reflects a deep-seated lack of self-worth and self-confidence.  Although they are pathetic, they will eventually get in your nerves and can be very annoying.

How to Handle:

Don’t give them the attention they need.  As difficult as it may be, simply excuse yourself when they start talking about themselves.  If they are bragging their achievements on social media, don’t give them the satisfaction of hitting that “like” button.  Doing so, will only feed their abnormal need for validation.

2. Whiners:

Nothing is ever quite right with these people.  They are never completely happy about anything.  If you say that it’s a nice day, they’ll probably reply that it’s going to rain tomorrow.  All they ever do is whine, whine and whine.

How to Handle:

Don’t join in the complaining or start whining yourself.  Whining is CONTAGIOUS, if you’re not careful you’ll soon become the whiner’s buddy.  Just change the subject and try to shift focus from past problems to future goals.  If the behavior persists, you may simply want to avoid these people.

3. Tattletales:

They love to tell stories and ratting out to colleagues.  Other times, they will embellish it to make it sound even more dramatic.  Again, this is blatantly childlike.

How to Handle:

If the information is inaccurate, let the tattler know this is erroneous.  If the information is accurate, please ask the tattler to please share concerns that are productive.  Needless to say, tattlers need to be directly confronted.

4. Forming Cliques:

They eat lunch together, work and talk exclusively to one another & etc.  In short, you see them together all the time!    The point is they see themselves as special, and they probably did the same thing in middle school.

How to Handle:

These are silly people, it will not be rewarding to interact with them.  Be friendly when you have to work with them on projects and simply ignore them the rest of the time.

DISCLAIMER:  This is a personal blog, that fact means nothing 🙂 ! It is not a product of strict grammar gatekeeping and editing.  But it does mean something to me, the ideas and thoughts are often important (again to me) and most often, product of a long gestational period in the drafts folder….while the writing itself is not.  Usually, as ideas come from the gray matter to the keyboard are – spontaneous, unproofed, unrevised and corrected afterward only when necessary.  



I feel blessed…thank you, for your birthday wishes….

I’m touched with all the birthday wishes I have received from all of you.  I must admit I’m useless in keeping in touch with everyone, but thank you for all your thoughtfulness.girl-1245731_1280

I know a lot of people freak out about birthdays…but not me, I  just let it pass like any other day – no biggie!  Ideally, I’d rather spend a quiet day at home.

But like every year, I spend it at work.  It’s pretty much a regular day for me…something that I will have to repeat all over again next year. Besides,  I’ve never been much of a worrier about age, well what can I say…that no amount of Botox can change the fact that I’m 40?

So, I’m not really fretting about age and birthdays (mine at least!) and since I’m not in a business of attracting men – the decay that age brings year after year doesn’t bother me.

What can I really say now that I’m 40?  It does seem like an awful big milestone….considering this year was extra challenging.  Maybe what I can really say that despite of everything I still have many blessings to count.

I have my two lovely girls Kate and Ashley, who anchor and mean the whole world to me.  My parents, my brother for their boundless love and support…my relatives and  friends for the love, love, love.

Truly my dears you have proven that love and concern transcends

the boundaries of time, distance and physical encounters.

So another year…a few more wrinkles here and there…..but it’s all worth it.  My continued existence is proof that the Lord has been faithfully forgiving to me.  Shaping me from within, filling that hole in my heart, keeping me in check that life is not all about me…..rather urging me to focus above.

Thank you Lord for another year.