I’m touched with all the birthday wishes I have received from all of you.  I must admit I’m useless in keeping in touch with everyone, but thank you for all your thoughtfulness.girl-1245731_1280

I know a lot of people freak out about birthdays…but not me, I  just let it pass like any other day – no biggie!  Ideally, I’d rather spend a quiet day at home.

But like every year, I spend it at work.  It’s pretty much a regular day for me…something that I will have to repeat all over again next year. Besides,  I’ve never been much of a worrier about age, well what can I say…that no amount of Botox can change the fact that I’m 40?

So, I’m not really fretting about age and birthdays (mine at least!) and since I’m not in a business of attracting men – the decay that age brings year after year doesn’t bother me.

What can I really say now that I’m 40?  It does seem like an awful big milestone….considering this year was extra challenging.  Maybe what I can really say that despite of everything I still have many blessings to count.

I have my two lovely girls Kate and Ashley, who anchor and mean the whole world to me.  My parents, my brother for their boundless love and support…my relatives and  friends for the love, love, love.

Truly my dears you have proven that love and concern transcends

the boundaries of time, distance and physical encounters.

So another year…a few more wrinkles here and there…..but it’s all worth it.  My continued existence is proof that the Lord has been faithfully forgiving to me.  Shaping me from within, filling that hole in my heart, keeping me in check that life is not all about me…..rather urging me to focus above.

Thank you Lord for another year.