The number of entries sitting in my drafts.  What is wrong with me?  I used to be very consistent at keeping my posts regular.  But for the past few months, I have been lagging behind.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around, what could be the reason why I’m making laziness my new best friend?

It’s not that the motivation is not there, I love blogging – it keeps me sane. I like the liberating feel of writing, especially when thoughts somehow magically turns into words and my fingers just fly across the keyboard.

I love to write. Period.  I don’t even care if someone actually bothers to read my blogs.  I write for me.  Because, it makes me happy. It’s my therapy.

But why is it that I’d rather want to curl in bed at the end of a work-day?

I think one of the main reason why I haven’t been writing much lately, is because I’ve moved to Phuket.  I’ve been working and living here for over a year now, yet somehow I’ve never felt at home in the island.  While Phuket is indeed beautiful – but to me it felt that it also stole my creative streak.

In comparison, while living in Bangkok metro, I pursue other interests.  I paint, write, and always on with DIY projects one after another.

Phuket made me lazy.

I’m not sure if my newly acquired “laziness” has something to do with how laid back the life in the island is.  But since moving here I have not made any effort at all to wake up an hour early before my alarm and indulge in some quiet time to just think and pray.

I don’t  have the answers yet…why I’m becoming something that I’m not…

I just pray that this is just a passing thing…that soon, I will be able to regain back what this place stole from me.