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I feel blessed…thank you, for your birthday wishes….

I’m touched with all the birthday wishes I have received from all of you.  I must admit I’m useless in keeping in touch with everyone, but thank you for all your thoughtfulness.girl-1245731_1280

I know a lot of people freak out about birthdays…but not me, I  just let it pass like any other day – no biggie!  Ideally, I’d rather spend a quiet day at home.

But like every year, I spend it at work.  It’s pretty much a regular day for me…something that I will have to repeat all over again next year. Besides,  I’ve never been much of a worrier about age, well what can I say…that no amount of Botox can change the fact that I’m 40?

So, I’m not really fretting about age and birthdays (mine at least!) and since I’m not in a business of attracting men – the decay that age brings year after year doesn’t bother me.

What can I really say now that I’m 40?  It does seem like an awful big milestone….considering this year was extra challenging.  Maybe what I can really say that despite of everything I still have many blessings to count.

I have my two lovely girls Kate and Ashley, who anchor and mean the whole world to me.  My parents, my brother for their boundless love and support…my relatives and  friends for the love, love, love.

Truly my dears you have proven that love and concern transcends

the boundaries of time, distance and physical encounters.

So another year…a few more wrinkles here and there…..but it’s all worth it.  My continued existence is proof that the Lord has been faithfully forgiving to me.  Shaping me from within, filling that hole in my heart, keeping me in check that life is not all about me…..rather urging me to focus above.

Thank you Lord for another year.

RRL’s Lazy Packing List (how to pack like a boss, that you are!)

I know I should start my packing now.  With my early morning flight tomorrow, and my type-A-ish personality, I should be doing that.  Like… right now!

…but hey, sometimes lazy bug does get me.  Usually, this kind of thing gets me “high” I love the idea of planning, figuring out what to bring and the actual act of stuffing the suitcase.

But not today…

At the very least, I managed to list down what I intend to bring.


RRL’s Lazy Packing List 🙂 

Arrrrghh….looking at my list, I seem to have missed out another set of clothing – my return flight outfit.  Hmmm…come to think of it….I don’t remember boarding the plane requires a “smell-check”.

Well, there’s always a first!

…..hmmm…smelly flight back…here I come???


Love. Love. Love you all.

Talk soon.


MonaNisa 3D Hairstoke / Permanent Make-up Review

I finally got around to post a blog about my 3D hairstroke brows done by monaNisa located at Phahonyothin Rd.  I just want to be clear this is not a paid Press gift – I actually paid for these bad boys and they ain’t cheap. But I can assure you, it’s worth every single satang.

I have always envied celebrities with perfect eyebrows…Megan Fox, Jourdan Dunn, Rita Ora and Jaime King…just to name few of my favorites. Unfortunately, I’m not born with natural-perfectly-arched eyebrows. But I did have years of having an over plucked brows – and that didn’t help at all!

So, at 38 I’m left with sparse to almost non-existent brows. Now, the thing is I have been contemplating to have it done professionally for quite some time. But I was too scared to go through the idea of permanent make-up.

However, on the later part of 2014 it became more of an obsession that I would one day own a perfect pair of eyebrows!  So, by December, I finally decided that I just have to do it.

Now, you must understand that living in Bangkok, is like living in a beauty Mecca.  We have all sorts of beauty studios that cater to almost everything – you wouldn’t believe the vast number of options.

At the beginning I was a bit squeamish to have something done permanently, after all I will be stuck with it for life – in case something goes wrong.

And I am truly happy with my experience with monaNisa.  I have sung praises of Nisa’s work over Instagram, tweeted some of it.  And after 3 weeks on, I’m still ecstatic with how my brows give me a polished look and the difference it makes to my face. I once met an equally “kikay” Thai friend over coffee, and she was actually staring at my face the entire time, then she eventually asked me if I had “something done”.

Now, if you are contemplating to have it done, here’s some of my tips of how to find your own “best” studio.

1. Shop around

This can be easily done online or you can go around the city and check.  Do not settle with the first one you see.  It took me the entire month to actually shop around and even ask friends about it.  Then, give them a call, or visit their studio and talk to their aesthetician – for me, if they sound bored, impatient and downright rude.  Then I will definitely not trust them to do my brows, when they’re not even patient enough to answer my questions.

2. Read/Listen to testimonials

Testimonials from past customers can be very helpful when you are trying to find the best studio.  Again, you do not need to settle for one or two good feed-back.  The more happy customer that studio have the better.

3. Check the sanitation

I couldn’t emphasize more on this.  But I know you’d understand how this is vital.  I have nothing against those small studios popping around the malls, and even some in an open air flea markets (talad) around the city!  Remember, you’re playing with needles and open skin.  Also, don’t forget to ask if they’re using disposable needles (this might cost you a bit more). But you really don’t want to invite infection, do you?

There you go, all you need now is courage – to really commit to it.  I’ll be soon posting another blog about the entire procedure after I’ve completed my final touch-up.

Good luck!  And hope this helps!


Crazy Hacks: Bad hair days & paper clips


Bad hair days are inevitable! And it couldn’t get worse than to realize that you ran out of bobby pins!

Stapling the unruly-frizzy-hair to the scalp is not an option (though, for a while it was tempting!).

So what would a desperate mommy to do? The answer….?

Paper clips! Surprisingly it works just fine…especially for those of you, like me with super fine hair. And best of all it comes in a variety of colors. Lol!

I don’t want to appear sloppy at the same time, so I slide it in and hide it with few strands of hair. There, neat and secure!

That’s all for now…happy Friday! 😊

Big Hairy Deal #2

Momminess, sexiness, and prissiness; not at all easy to pull off!   Sexiness?  Nah…I just thought it’d be fun to include that one!

And so to the real issue on hand, (which has nothing to do with sexiness – I assure you!) my hair obsession!  My closest friends can attest, how, when it comes to my hair I’m a little less adventurous…very predictable to say the least.  But a month ago, I ventured out and had my hair done some place else.

Although, that place did an amazing job on my dull and lifeless hair – but as a single mom (money-wise) that is not practical.  Truthfully, I feel guilty to shell out that amount every time I go to the salon.  And so, feeling a little sheepish I went back to my Thai stylist, Chon for this month’s trim.

Raised eyebrow, that’s what I received from him when I entered his shop.  In broken English, he called on his gang to announce “look who the cat dragged in” in the lines of that….but not exactly!  LOL!  So, he asked me, where I’ve been and why I haven’t been back for a while.  I decided to lie and mumbled, “Busy”.

His assistant whisked me to the shampoo area.  And when that’s done Chon motioned me to the chair with scissors on hand and ready to do his magic.

Lifting strands of my hair he peered at my reflection in the mirror “You cut hair?” [sic].  I was actually contemplating to tell another little white lie….but his face!  LOL!  He reminded me of an old schoolmaster, strict and disapproving.  I managed a weak “Yes, some place.”

And he tapped me gently on my shoulders and said, “I know! I remember, this not my cut.” [sic].  I don’t understand how he could have known that….but I guess stylists has this knack of knowing.  I’m thinking to apologize and rant out the blame, to that friend of mine who dragged me to that Japanese salon.  When Chon added, “they, good job” [sic] … a mutual respect of one stylist to another…is not something I get to see every day.  I couldn’t help but smile….it’s rare.

With Chon, happily snipping and chatting away in his faltering English, I feel at home….

That familiarity, the teasing, and easy banter is what I miss last time….something you won’t get from an upscale salon would you?

Call me cheap or what…I’d rather go to a place where it feels like I’m surrounded by friends…

And for saving more than half the price, you’ll also leave the shop with an earful of flattering remarks – enough to tide you till next month’s trim!

Big Hairy Deal!!!

Over the years I’ve worn my hair in bob-cut to past shoulder length – mostly it’s swinging between those two styles.  I’m as vain as the next person…but when it comes to my hair…I’m kind of predictable and extra careful.  Believe it or not, I actually used to keep a wig handy when I was still living with the Ex…you know, just in case 😉 !

So, going back – with my hair I am not very adventurous. I will, and ALWAYS go to a stylist I trust.  I may go to different salons for a regular wash.  But I will always go to “Chon” my Thai stylist for styling and cut.

For a week, I’ve been putting off my plans to go for my regular trim.  Thinking I might as well grow my hair longer and have some cute curls at the ends just like some cute Korean soap opera stars – LOL!

The problem is, I have this nagging small voice behind my head telling me “You won’t pull it off, girl!  Stop dreaming!”  And to re-affirm that…this morning, I woke up with a nasty head of flyaway-gummy looking-dull hair!  So, all hopes and dreams of being a hot Korean soap opera star look-alike flew out of the window…out and I shut it with a bang!  Hah!

On the train going to work, I was thinking how I can squeeze a time to scurry over at Chon’s for my hair.  Then a friend of mine rang me to ask for my evening plans.  I told him, I’m going for a hair-cut.  And harshly tell him off to go bother other people – other than me…cause this mommy is on a mission!

And you wouldn’t believe how excited he is, to introduce me to this new salon with a Japanese stylist.  Yes, I’m crossing cultures here!  Unbelievable, with just a teeny issue – my hair!

I said NO!  You see, I need to be firm on this.  I said to him to leave me alone, I’m happy with “my” Chon.  But the truth is, I’m scared it might turn out to be a hair-disaster.  And my wig is at the Ex’s!!!!

After a lengthy discussion…I gave in.  And was set to meet him after work and go straight to this salon.  It was probably the longest day of my life!

Nah…I’m exaggerating.  But you do get the idea right?

Anyway, at exactly 5.30 I stood outside my office waiting for him to pick me up and drive me to this salon that he weirdly feels so excited about!  Hmmm….just weird!

On arrival, we were greeted with an enthusiastic “Youkoso irasshai mashita”!  Seriously, I have to curb the urge to bolt for the door!

I was whisked to a chair…where two Japanese stylists (cute guys too!) lift strands of my hair, clacking their tongues, turning my head this way and that, peering at me in the mirror with disapproving eyes…

And there’s me…who is soooooo so –  ready to scream bloody murder!

After few more agonizing minutes….these gorgeous guys decided there’s HOPE.

While I was escorted to the shampoo area, I threw dagger looks at my friend and hissed him out of the salon, before I end up killing him.

If there’s one thing I want to do at that time is to suffer my humiliation alone!  I don’t need him to see me with wet hair plastered against my scalp…or with that hideous black gown, while stylist snip around my head!

And honestly, I don’t even understand why we are friends.  Because just before he left he whispered “Hey, just in case it’ll turn out bad – it will grow!”

Waaaaaa!  And he was the one who drag me into this!!!  What an evil, evil friend!


It wasn’t actually as bad as I’ve imagined….my hair was shampooed, given a dose of treatment from bottles with labels, I can’t read…and the scalp massage was heavenly!  Actually very, very relaxing….and nice 🙂

I must say, after all the hullabaloos….I’m quite happy with what those guys have done to my hair.

I guess the Ex can keep that wig after all!  Haha!

And me? I went out of the salon feeling like a hundred bucks…and just about that much poorer too!  But hey, if you’re a single parent sometimes you need to treat yourself – so, there!

“You look innocent!” the first thing my friend blurted when he saw me entered the café shop where he’s been waiting for me.

Hmmm…hardly the response I expect…or the fact that I don’t really ‘feel’ innocent – if at all!

But I’ll take it!  Whatever he means about innocent!   Thank you oh, so very much!

And yes, he’s forgiven! 😉

…and just for the heck of it – check my not so innocent haircut with side fringe! Hah!